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The great French artist known around the world as Antoine Blanchard was born Marcel Masson in a small village near Blois on November 15, 1910, and died in 1988. From an early age, his parents saw his potential as an artist and entered him in art school in Blois. After that, he was moved to increasingly high level art schools until, in 1932, he moved to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

In the following years, Blanchard developed a strong interest in painting Parisian Street Scenes set in the turn-of-the-century environment. The resulting canvases are outstanding and in high demand to this day. His success was such that other artists produced copies of his work; however, only original, authentic paintings are sold by the gallery.


Boulevard de la Madeleine
Oil on Canvas
18" x 22"

Price: Sold